Be my guest in the next virtual ALIVE Round Table on April 4, at 7.00 pm CET

Limited to 12 people only

Are you over-thinking your leadership?

You may be thinking: "I'm doing what I have been told to do, what I have learned and read about, and still leadership feels overly complicated".

You are longing to be thinking together with other smart and experienced people.

You want to hold yourself accountable for your leadership development, setting goals, share and achieve goals.

I'm inviting you to a no-cost virtual ALIVE Round Table helping you to stop thinking alone and start doing and exploring together with other leaders.

We hold an ALIVE Round Table every month. Put your name on the list for the next one. The spots are limited to 12.

Next ALIVE Round Table is April 4 2022 7PM CEST• on Zoom

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What is an ALIVE Round Table?


around a table (or virtually in a zoom room) where a group of leaders comes together, creating a new culture of conversation


with many minds together. It isn´t just the coach, it is not the person in charge, it is the feeling of a group of people coming together sharing leadership

Good for you

a good Round Table experience will help you mirror and shine. Come to the round table and practice your leadership skills.

Great for your buisiness

it allows you to showcase your clients and stakeholders in a safe environment

Extraordinary outcomes

a great place to develop your leadership being surrounded by smart people, creating results

An ALIVE Round Table isn't

  • 1-to-1 coaching. Not one too many, team coaching, teaching or broadcasting to a group
  • a workshop, but occasionally a Q&A that has elements of a round table or a mastermind included
  • group therapy, there may be moments when we support each other but there is not one person managing someone through a therapeutic experience
  • 1000 people in a Facebook group or a Facebook live

The no-cost Round Table allows you to try how an ALIVE Round Table works. In reality, we need longevity to create a safe space and learn together.

The ALIVE Round Table is not just a meeting. In the same way, coaching is more than a conversation – It is much more

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Next ALIVE Round Table is April 4 2022 • 7PM UTC • via Zoom webinar

This kind of fellowship feeling has been good for me. The sessions have made me very aware of what it takes to be a leader and how many things it is important to be aware of. So this course has absolutely made me think a lot and reflect a lot about myself and my leadership. Awareness. That's the keyword for me.

— Kristin Amundsen

About your Facilitator and Coach

I'm Kerstin Weibull Lundberg. I help leaders feel safe and confident in their leadership roles using the 5D ALIVE leadership System.

I have been a manager and leader at many different levels, management consulting, coaching, and facilitating teams and leaders for over 30 years.

I've led several international, complex projects and learned to understand the importance of shared leadership, creating extraordinary outcomes.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this Round Table for?

This virtual Round Tabler is designed for professionals looking to shift their leadership and become authentic, heart-based, and ALIVE. Individuals attending this class are open-minded, willing to share and receive, and ready to identify ways to adjust their leadership to start getting amazing results.

Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?

YES! I recommend first participating in a Try ALIVE Round Table —most attendees get a lot of value from it. From there, we can identify your short or long-term goals and work towards achieving them together.

What's the time commitment?

The Round Table session itself is 90 minutes, broken into two 40-minute sessions with a 10-minute break.

What are the next steps?

First, you get your spot in the ALIVE Round Table. Then if you like it, you sign up for ALIVE coaching with Kerstin, and in the first coaching, I will find a team of people that match your needs, in your specific ALIVE Round Table

You can also sign up for ALIVE Coaching, ALIVE 6 week online, leadership training, and team-building with horses. More information

Becoming ALIVE 6 weeks online course

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Be my guest on this no-cost virtual Try ALIVE Circle

The next ALIVE Round table is April 4, 2022, • 7 PM UTC • on Zoom.

In case we exceed the number of available spots. I will put your name on the list for the next monthly

ALIVE Round Table