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Are you ready to be the leader who creates team synergy, increases performance and inspires creativity?

Join 10+ experts who will teach you how to uplevel your leadership so that you are congruent, aligned and....

  • how to be more authentic so people trust, know and like you
  • how to use your listening skills so you can connect with yourself, others and your environment and create long lasting healthy relations
  • how to be intentionally present so you can reach your goals with ease and grace
  • how to be aware of your values so you can align your actions and reach success  
  • how to manage you energy and lead from your intuition so that you attract what you want  

 Your ALIVE Leadership Summit Host

"Kerstin inspires performance with her earthy, balanced approach, inner wisdom, and management and leadership experience. She leads from love and lets her heart be her guide for all that she takes action for in the world ”

Kerstin Weibull Lundberg is the founder of the ALIVE Leadership method. She has been practicing as a leadership coach and consultant the past 15 years and before that as manger and management consultant in the industry for 20 years. She holds and MSc in Industrial Engineering and MBA in International Marketing.

Kerstin Weibull Lundberg CEO 3falls Coaching ALIVE Leadership

About Your Presenters

Monday December 11: Authenticity

The Importance of Being Authentic in Leadership

Is Authenticity the Missing Link to Becoming a Mindful Leader?

Tanya Lynn Paluso is the bestselling author of "Open your heart: How to be a new generation feminine leader". She is the CEO of Tribal truth and Sistership Circle Foundernput your text in this area

Mark Susnow is a life design strategist, cutting-edge leadership consultant, author, inspirational speaker and coach, who inspires others to believe in themselves. 

Tanya Lynn Paluso

CEO Tribal Truth

Mark Susnov 

CEO Inspire Possibility

Thuesday December 11: Listening skills

Empathic Listening – The Key Communication Skill at Home, Work, Anywhere.

Conscious Listening and Leadership

Bento Leal is author of the Amazon Bestseller “4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication in Love, Life Work—Anywhere!”. He is working as full time communicator and relationship skills instructor with a non-sectarian, non-profit organization.

Maria Appelqvist, Ph.D. work with leaders who on the outside seems to have it all, but deep inside they feel a void. Known for creating breakthroughs by connecting the paradigm between sexuality and money, she lives in Sweden and represents the leading edge of personal transformation. 

Bento C. Leal III 

Maria Appelqvist

Wednesday December 13: Intentional Presence

The Power of Intentions! 

Intentionally Choosing your Preferred Future

Dr. Barbara Stroud is a renowned trainer, consultant, author, and the inaugural president of the California Association for Infant Mental Health. Dr. Stroud is the author of ‘Intentional Living: finding the inner peace to create successful relationships’ 

Dave Weitz is an author, speaker, corporate trainer, and an international business coach and consultant. For nearly three decades he effectively led organizations to growth and success. 

Dr. Barbara Stroud PhD

CEO The Dave Weitz Company

Thursday December 14: Value Awareness

The Values of Core Values

The Language of Values

Lisa Huetteman is the author of The Value of Core Values: Five Keys to Success through Values-Centered Leadership, she works with organizations to cultivate a winning culture, so they can achieve sustainable profitability.

Ricardo Gil is the founding partner and master practitioner at Axialent. Managing director and chief culture officer of Axialent.He is a culture expert and helps clients develop the behaviors, symbols and systems required to accomplish the desired business strategies.

Lisa Huetteman

Black Diamond Associates

Ricardo Gil Axialent Managing Director

Friday December 15: Energy Management

The Secret Language of Resonance

Leadership Energy: Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success

Jayne Warrilow is an internationally recognized coach and speaker. A thought leader in the global coaching community, Jayne and her company, JW International are committed to large scale and individual transformation through the principles of resonance

Dr. Cheryl Leitschuh has developed practical tools that incorporate traditional leadership foundations with bio-energy tools based in Eastern philosophies. These tools have created great success for her clients and their organizations, and with the publication of “Leadership Energy” she brings those same success tactics to her readers.Input your text in this area

Jayne Warrilow CEO JW International

Cheryl Leitschuh

CEO Leitschuh Leadership Consulting