03.00 pm at Träfallet in Knivsta (Sweden)

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“Unveiling HerVision” is about you, the busy woman, taking time to nurture your Feminine (by going inward, calling in gratitude, connecting to your truth, opening up to receive, getting support) and then claiming your Masculine energies of action, clarity, and creating what you desire.

- Tanya Lynn -

Welcome to Sistership Circle Day: Unveiling HerVision 

Sistership Circle Facilitators all over the world have co-created a day that grounds your vision for 2019. 

We have created a container that showers you with support, love, body work, free-flow journaling, dancing, and fun!  

All across the world, we notice that there are some keys missing, pieces that are essential to whole success.  

And by whole success, we mean the opposite of this—success that leaves you depleted, exhausted, feeling alone, feeling scared, feeling shamed, feeling disconnected. 

Whole success is for the WHOLE woman today. The whole woman is one who has learned how to combine her Masculine AND Feminine selves. 

Feminine ~ circular, round, intuitive, nurturing, receiving, creative, fluid, sensual, inward. 

Masculine ~ straight line, action, doing, entering, arrow, flight, pointed, creating, outward.  

This is what you can expect to experince on the Sistership Circle Day "Unveiling HerVision"

Ground into your vision for 2019 Visionary sisterhood has been forgotten and it’s needed now more than ever. As modern day women, many times we are isolated, spending hours in front of the computer, living in a vacuum. 

Step into clarity Being honest about what you’re feeling is essential for you. 

Connect to your body, voice, truth, and power Being heard is essential for you. Sharing in a sacred circle of women is essential for you.  

Come together with the tribe of ladies to feel the power of one woman/one tribe/one community As busy women, some of this Feminine energy is missing and that is part of what’s causing the frustration, the sadness, the burnout.  

Allow yourself to be cocooned in a bubble of love Opening up is essential for you. 

Celebrate the old and bring in the new Sharing in a sacred circle of women is essential for you.

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About Your Circle Facilitator

Kerstin is a Leadership Coach and Trainer and Circle Facilitator since 2001. She is a Certified Coach, ICF and a Master Circle Facilitator SistershipCircle.  

Since 2007 Kerstin has developed the ALIVE leadership method together with clients from the corporate world, organizations and horses in Leadership and Team training with Horses and Horse Assisted Coaching.  

Her background is from the corporate world were she practiced leadership in various positions with a MBA in International Marketing and MCS in Industrial Engineering.  

She is facilitating the ALIVE Circles with softness joy and play, embodying the intuitive and authentic leader.

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